Nipsey Hussle’s Artist J $tone’s 1st Interview Since Nip’s Passing

J Stone graces us with his first interview since Nip’s passing to talk about his new career trajectory, coping, grieving and representing Nip’s forever.

1:10 Who is J Stone + Upbringing with Nipsey
4:53 The start of success
6:55 Pushing J Stone career
7:44 Nipsey’s passing
10:47 The following days
13:07 Nipsey’s business model
16:41 Gangbanggin mentality
22:11 Being cosigned by Nipsey
23:51 New talent in LA
24:38 J Stone altercation viral moment
26:40 Being a rapper and still being connected to the streets?
29:28 Connecting with The Game
30:10 Showing fake love to Nipsey
34:11 All Money In

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  • I m from West side Afriaca in Sénégal, I realy appreciate the concept of TMC i meant the all up and down. RIP for your great bro NIP . Respect for the all team j stone, black Sam, pacman etc. Respect j stone for your projet the définition of loyalite .And also gunnman .I keep apreciate the Way you handle the shit. I ll Apply TMC in my gaol as a African young.

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