Nipsey Hussle delays “TM3: Victory Lap” mixtape until 2013

Most of the artists have waited until the end of the year and they now have their albums and mixtapes set to be released. This was initially the plan for Nipsey Hussle, who decided to release TM3: Victory Lap this month. Nipsey Hussle has generated much interest this year.

Throughout the year of 2012, there were rumors of Nipsey Hussle being signed to the ever-growing Maybach Music. Rick Ross has done his best, courting Los Angeles rappers. Dom Kennedy is another rapper from the city of angels he would love to add to his roster.

Nipsey Hussle recently jumped on Game’s “Judas’ Closet,” a Shyne diss, after the former Bad Boy rapper called them “fake gangsters” and “broads.” Being brought into what is becoming the biggest feud in close to a decade, Nipsey Hussle is bringing the focus back to himself. With that being said, via Twitter, Nipsey announced his mixtape was delayed until 2013.

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