New Orleans Rapper Nice Gunz Releases 2nd Mixtape “Triggerz Got No Heart 2”

Orleans, La., October 23 2017– New Orleans Rapper Nice Gunz hales from 11 Ward Uptown in the inner city where the good times of old Gangsta Rap is still something that keeps the club music scene popular in a Big Easy kind of way. The Underground Music Scene is becoming more and more relevant in this very digital world, filled with Artist like Nice Gunz who want to be heard.

“If y’all don’t know who I be, they call me Geedy P., Street Dreamz, Executive Producer. New Orleans been missing this Gangsta Sh** for a while and we gotta feed the streets”

said Geedy P, on an intro track called Geedy P. Speaks which is also included on the 17 track mixtape .

Nice Gunz does not leave any stone unturned so if you are looking for something that will confirm what some call real talk, Listen to Ghetto, Ride For Me, Grindin’ and Letter To Angola. In Letter To Angola, Nice Gunz mentions his own Father Delacie and Uncle Kintad who are both serving life sentences in Angola, one of the oldest Penal Institutions still existing today. Triggerz Got No Heart 2 is available on Datpiff and on The Official Nice Gunz Facebook Page. Use the App button to listen to something that will blow you to smithereens (blow you away).

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Nice Gunz Hustla Drops Trigga Gots No Heart

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  • The news about this new Triggerz Got No Heart 2 Mixtape is spreading fast. That is great for Nice Gunz and also other Artist coming out of New Orleans and the surrounding area. We are going to continue to support on Abornewords. I am proud of my Top 10 Playlist on the Soundcloud Platform but there are still 7 more bangerz on the Album. We will be sharing more on Abornewords. I suggest you do the same.