New Orleans Rapper BG ordered to turn over rap lyrics before ruling on probation terms

It’s an update we first brought you last month about New Orleans native rapper Christopher “BG” Dorsey.


Prosecutors have asked that Dorsey hand over the lyrics to his music as part of his probation


In an interview with WDSU about a month ago, Dorsey said, “I am definitely happy to be out and free. So I can get back to living my life.”


He was released in September after serving about 12 years in prison.


Recent probation violations following Dorsey’s release threatened the former Hot Boy’s freedom.


According to documents obtained by WDSU, the rapper has to appear in a New Orleans court on supervised release conditions.


Part of those conditions means he may have to turn over the lyrics to his music to court officials.


Former state and federal prosecutor Matthew Coman said this is uncommon.


Coman said, “The judge in charge of the defendant’s case has almost unlimited discretion to enforce the terms of the probation. Based on the violations alleged. It looks like they are easy to prove. The judge can modify the supervised release, can extend the terms of the supervised release.


According to the documents, BG would also have to avoid ex-convicts. It also states Dorsey cannot leave Nevada without approval from his parole officer.


Now, Dorsey and his attorney are responding to the court’s request saying that would hinder Dorsey’s career.


In a previous interview, Dorsey said, “They feel like me being a rapper and artist is me being self-employed. They don’t want me doing anything pertaining to rap or entertainment that I could get paid off of unless I get permission.”


The rapper said the rules are impacting his freedom of speech and his ability to do what he loves.


New Orleans criminal defense attorney Tanya Faia said, “I would hope that the courts would give him some leeway to exercise his craft. And make money the way he’s used to making money, but unfortunately when you are on probation especially in Federal court it is not uncommon for the courts to restrict even what you do for a living.”


Responding to our request for comment, Dorsey’s attorneys said, “We are looking forward to appearing with Mr. Dorsey in New Orleans and addressing the important legal issues before the court.”


He is scheduled to appear in court June 18 in New Orleans.


Dorsey is scheduled to reunite and perform with the other Hot Boys at the Essence Festival in July.

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