New Jersey Rapper Yatta Releases New Project, ‘I Have’

New Jersey Rapper Yatta Releases New Project, 'I Have'

`Trenton, New Jersey rapper Yatta puts it all on the table in his new album I Have, a 15 track project that displays his versatility as an artist, offering an array of sounds and styles in one body of work.

“This is my 4th release as Yatta. This project was so reflective for me, I really expressed my inner self on this one and I feel like it’s my best work to date.” – Yatta

The album features production from Bravestarr Mantra and Astroblk with featured artists 21Bandz and Nitty on “Nuthin”, and Yos Legend on “Talk”.

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Yadda Yadda 2.0
3. RLT
4. Nuhthin Feat. 21Bandz & Nitty
5. Issues
6. Devil’s Palace
7. Vacancy
8. The One
9. My City
10.Yadda – Soda
11.Talk Feat. Yos Legend
12. A Gem In I
13. The Father, The Son & The Homie’s Ghost
14. Profiles
15. 95

Yatta is a hiphop artist from Trenton, NJ unlike any other in his area. In his music, he covers a wide range of topics from social injustice to inner moral struggles and everything in between. His lyrics penetrate past the surface and really makes you ask the important questions to yourself. He has been on this journey since 2013 and since, has taken his career into his own hands by not only creating this music, but organizing his own shows, doing his own promotion and branding, and opening up new doors for himself. This past summer, he even took it as far as organizing his own tristate area tour called the Summer Slam Series. Keep your eyes on this guy, he’s here to make an impact.

New Jersey Rapper Yatta Releases New Project, 'I Have'


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