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Today Siccness Network had the honor to sit down with Omega Crosby and discuss with him all the details of his upcoming album and more. He also left us with a copy of the album along with artwork. If you haven’t heard of him yet, do your self a favor and Google him. He is currently signed to a distribution deal with EMPIRE Distribution and Kemani Entertainment. Be sure to check him out.

Siccness: Good afternoon, how have you been?

Omega Crosby: Staying busy and looking for opportunity.

Siccness: That’s good, that’s good. The first question we have for you today is, where are you from and what’s your origin?

Omega Crosby: I am from Modesto, California. Yea, Modesto, born and raised.

Siccness: Dope. What places outside or inside California do you usually visit?

Omega Crosby: Umm, LA, The Bay Area, Louisiana, and I want to start visiting Miami. Miami has always been a dream go to for me. When i was around 3 or 4 years old I always used to say thats the place i wanna be.

Siccness: Right on, right on. Any updates on the new album you’re working on?

Omega Crosby: Yes, yes. The new album is called “Swag Juice”, it’s my largest project yet. It contains around like 15 or 16 tracks. But yea, It’s completed, it should be released on June 1st.

Siccness: That is cool, why do you call it “Swag Juice”?

Omega Crosby: I came up with it after I wanted to do something new, so it’s kinda like a makeover. I’m reinventing myself, instead of doing something crazy or out of this world, I’m just taking a sip of the “Swag Juice”.

Siccness: Oh my goodness, that was creative. I like that, I like that. At this point what are you doing, in terms of work and studio?

Omega Crosby: I’m in the studio all day, everyday. Literally night and day, but I try to manage that and the shows, photography, filming, and producing all in one.

Siccness: Do you have any new material or projects, besides this one coming?

Omega Crosby: All the time, music is my air that I breathe. To be honest, I really have around at the most I believe 600 unreleased songs. Yea around that, now including beats, It would be in the thousands. I’m always on the mic at til 5AM in the morning though, I never really get sleep. So when I get sleep I really enjoy it and try not to focus on all the things in life.

Siccness: That’s crazy. Hard work eventually pays off. Okay, so what are some of the features on the Album?

Omega Crosby: There’s a few features on this album, I really don’t do features often, but on this one I let loose. It features Clyde Carson and Mayne Mannish from The Team. Priceless Da Roc from TPE, the homie KDI, my cousin Tayo Slik, and one of my sons, Leejo. Believe it or not, the youngest acts on the album are Tayo Slik and Leejo, Slik is 13 and Leejo was 2 years old at the time.

Siccness: That’s crazy. Those are some good features to start with, how did that go recording with the youngest?

Omega Crosby: Man, believe it or not, it went smooth. I had to stop him from laying a verse down. He saw me recording the song with Priceless, he heard the beat and put the headphones on and the rest was history. Watch out for him next, he has a gift.

Siccness: That’s cool man. Thank you for taking your time to sit down with us. Before you go, we want to know who you want to feature with next?

Omega Crosby: All good, alright.. I really wanna go back and do a remix to this song i have called Kalifornia, I’d throw Snoop Dogg and The Game or Kendrick Lamar on there. In the future I want to work with Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Rick Ross, ASAP Rocky and DMX. That’s who I really want on some tracks right now. I’m also a producer, so if I could get them on one of my beats that would be great as well.

Siccness: That’s dope. Thanks again for chatting with us today.

Omega Crosby: A1, no problem.



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