Celly Cel Releases New Album Titled “Dirty Mind”

Born Marcellus McCarver, Celly Cel grew up in Vallejo, CA, just north of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. His drawling hardcore gangsta lyrics and G-funk productions first appeared in 1994 on Heat 4 Yo Azz, but Celly had been making demos and honing his skills as far back as 1990. Released on E-40’s Sick Wid It label, Heat 4 Yo Azz was well received, and the following year, his best-selling album to date, Killa Kali, was unleashed.

Celly has worked with thr likes of E-40, Mossie, B-Legit Jay Tee, D-Shot, Young Dre, Latino Velvet, and Messy Marv. The former Sick Wid It recording artist has never stopped working and with releases such as the Criminalz, with Spice 1 and Jayo Felony in 2001, It’z Real Out Here, and 2006, Celly’s Slaps, Straps and Baseball Caps and The Wild West.

25 Years in the game and a well respected artist. The Bay Area rapper has strapped up once again wit his latest release, “Dirty Mind,” featuring Beeda Weeda, Big Tone, Jay Tee, Lil Raider, Willie Joe, Laroo and more. The album is now available in stores and on your favorite digital site. Check out the official tracklist and cover art below.

Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dirty-mind/id1200105588

01. Tap In
02. Head Game
03. No Fightin’ Just Fuckin’
04. A Lotta Hoez
05. Still Wit Ol’ Boy?
06. California Chrome
07. Mr. Right Now f. J. Banks
08. Throwin’ Rice f. Beeda Weeda
09. She Inked Up f. Big Tone, Jay Tee & Lil Raider
10. Kick It Wit Me f. Willie Joe & King Cydal
11. U Look Thirsty f. Laroo, Work Dirty & King Cydal
12. Two Girls f. Jay Tee, T Millz & Ironic


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