Murder Master Music Show West Coast Round Table With Unreleased Dr. Dre Prod. Eazy-E Song

The Murder Master Music Show had a West Coast Round Table Thursday August 13th and it featured legends and pioneers both from the Bay and LA.
Prez and Mac Jay brought on a special Co-Host, Dr. Dre’s former Band-mate Cli-N-Tel of the World Class Wreckin Cru.

Some of the callers that hit the lines included Prodeje of  South Central Cartel, Tweed Cadillac of the Penthouse Player’s Clique, Spice-1, E-Moe, Dirty Red and even a true pioneer of both the South and the West, Fresh Kid Ice of the 2 Live Crew. Octavius of the West Coast Hip-Hop Awards called in, Freddy Bo of Tha Mob and Devil Siccx called in to represent for his late brother, Mike “Dream” Fransisco TDK who’s yearly event “Dream Day” takes place this Saturday the 15th in Oakland.

There were many highlights during the round table but close to the end of the show Prez announced that he had just received a snippet of an unreleased Eazy-E track from Krazy Dee called  ” From Around The Way.” The clip of the early Eazy demo was low quality but could definitely be heard, and any Eazy or NWA fan could almost picture that record on one of the early releases, but it didn’t make the cut and was scrapped.

During the 30 second Dre produced clip you can hear Eazy rappin’ in what would sound more like something that would have fit on the NWA & The Posse album.

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