Murder Master Music Show Mixtape Preview

To commemorate the upcoming 100th episode of Prezident Bejda’s online radio showThe Murder Master Music Show of UGS Radio Prez is putting together a mixtape full of heavy hitters that include the likes of Mastamind of Natas, Houston rap pioneer and lyrical giant K-Rino, Bay Area legend Spice-1, Chi-Town early pioneer Badblack315 , Memphis Gangsta Rap Pioneer Gangsta Pat, Queens Bridge NYC 80s Legend MC Shan, and members of theUnderground Society Movement “UGS” from around the world plus many other legends and pioneers.
The mixtape will also include “Balls and my Word Part 2” by Geto Boy and Houston Rap pioneer DJ Ready Red. This song comes nearly 30 years after the original which was the first time the movie “Scarface” was sampled in Hiphop.
The mixtape will be released on the night of the 100th Episode which Prez is hopeful to have many guests show up. His archive of shows include many legends and pioneers such as
Yella of NWAJT MoneyKokane, Mr. Mixx of the 2 Live CrewGrandmaster CazSpice-1,Gangsta PatDJ PaulBone Thugs-N-HarmonyWCYukmouthZ-Ro, C-BoThe D.O.C., Al Kapone, Former No Limit Super Producer KLCJerry HellerThe Real Rick Ross,Freddie Gibbs, Dead Prez, MC ShanDJ Ready RedDayton Family2nd II None, 8Ball,MC Eiht, Cold187um of Above the Law, Belo of Do or Die, Celly Cel, Goldy of Too Short’sDangerous Crew, Brother Ali, Former No Limit Soldiers Fiend and Mr. Serv-On and too many others to name.
Prezident Bejda has been a long time journalist for Murder Dog Magazine when he became affiliated with the publication in the 90s. Through Murder Dog he has interviewed several hundred rap icons and underground legends over the years as well has reviewed hundreds of Iconic albums.
“As a writer for Murder Dog he interviewed some of the biggest rappers that shaped the music of the world. He interviewed people like E-40, Spice-1, 50 Cent, he interviewed the biggest. This music is shaping the world right now and he was a part of it!” -Black Dog Bone, Owner-Publisher, Murder Dog Magazine
His promptness, efficiency, quality of work, and passion for the music have been important to the success of this publication.”-Mary Downs , General Manager of Automatic Alligator Publishing, Murder Dog Magazine 
Prez started doing his online show to give the fans an audio version of what he was doing at Murder Dog and other publications for so many years. He wanted to give them that raw uncut feel live so the fans could interact with their favorite artists the way that he did. 
“Murder Dog raised me as a journalist. When I came to them I was a troubled kid. I was able to interview the people I grew up listening to. Now with my show I can give others back something that the true rap fan can appreciate.”
That is the whole purpose of this mixtape. It is something for free that he wanted to give his audience to show his appreciation for their support!

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