Murder Master Music Show Celebrates 200th Episode

When it comes to online radio in the rap world there is no other show that pays more homage to the legends and the pioneers of Hip-Hop than the Murder Master Music Show. The massive archive features some of the most influential people in the genre as well as candid hip-hop round table discussions.


The show’s creator and long time music journalist, Prezident Bejda along with his co-host Mac Jay will celebrate their 200th Episode on July 23rd. After years of staying
consistent, bringing you a legend or a pioneer week after week, and landing show content on everything from HiphopDX, AllHiphop, BET, and Worldstar to the likes of
MSNBC and the Huffington Post, the show proves time and time again how important it is especially during this era in Hip-Hop.

“The kids for the most part don’t know who the fuck Spice-1, C-Bo, K-Rino, or Esham is. They don’t have a clue that DJ Ready Red was the first to sample the movie Scarface
or that K-Rino is one of if not the best lyricist the game has ever seen. They don’t know that Esham put Detroit on the map and was putting out music a full decade before Dr. Dre
signed Eminem. They don’t know the history! Every other genre respects their history, but Hip-Hop seems to forget who the contributors were, but not us, we remember! This is what we are all the about!
The preservation of that real shit!”
  says Prezident Bejda

Tune in on Thursday July 23rd and see who calls into the show. The Hosts promise it will be nothing less than legendary!
Show starts at 9pm CST you can listen online at and Call in at 714 409 0548

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