Multi-Platinum Producer Rhythm D on Eazy, Jerry Heller, Death Row/Ruthless beef and more

One of the most slept on Producers in Hiphop History has to be West Coast producer Rhythm D. Rhythm was behind such hits as the Godfather of Gangsta Rap, Eazy-E’s infamous Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg diss “Real Mutha Phuckkin G’s” but also produced for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Bad Azz, Paperboy, Snoop Doggand West Coast Gangsta Legend C-Bo to name a few. He chopped it up about a wide vsariety of topics with theMurder Master Music Show

5:07 Death Row

“There wouldn’t had been a Death Row if it wasn’t for Eazy-E. Alotta artists there that started their careers came in VIA Ruthless. I am one of the people that saw everything pop, and nobody handed me anything on a silver platter. One of my first times on wax was on the Deep Cover Soudtrack with the song “Down With My Nigga” by Paradise. That was a rapper that Suge had me produce for.

6:50 Leaving Death Row and moving to Ruthless. Met Eazy-E through Eazy’s Baby’s Mama

“I decided not to go back to Death Row because I already had a hit with “Ditty” by Paperboy. I met up with this girl who was rappin and she said “You know what you got some dope beats my baby Daddy needs you!” I did her music which was about 2-3 songs and after that she said she would have her baby Daddy page me with 187 as his code.   She was like “Look, my baby Daddy is Eazy-E” and this was Tracy Jernagin who is the Mother of Erin Wright who also sings now. Thats how I met Eazy!

10:24 First meeting with Eazy-E, let him hear what Death Row was making

I was working on Paperboy’s album and we were in the studio. I surprised all the dudes that the Paperboy was signed to because they had no clue that I was cool with Eazy-E. I had him come up to the studio so I could play him some of the tracks that we were over at Death Row making so he could be one step ahead of the game. Eazy comes in and I take him to the back of the studio and I started playing him G-Funk and he wasn’t really feeling them. He wanted me to come out to his house in Norwalk and I met him out there and I put one of the discs in and I played one beat and Eazy went nuts. He went crazy off this beat. He pulled a few stacks outta his sock and said “Rhythm you rollin’ with Ruthless!”

15:12 Jerry Heller was like an Uncle that didn’t take any crap

“Jerry Heller was like my Uncle. He was my Uncle that don’t take no crap and is out to get the most money that he can.”

17:10 when shit got heated between Death Row and Ruthless

“I didn’t fuck with Death Row. Listen to my music my music speaks for itself. It was some real shit man! We was over there with bodyguards and everything. And because I had supposedly went AWOL   it made it look really weird, but it wasn’t even really like that, I’m just gettin’ money. We had a whole lot of drama, but I was kept away from alot of the craziness because Eazy wanted me in the studio making hit records. In order for him to make money Rhythm had to be in there making dope beats.

29:29 On Eazy’s Death

Now that I am older and I see the history now it dawns on me that I was part of something really big. But what really hit me was Eazy-E dying! I lived with him, that’s like seeing your brother died of AIDS. It’s like one day I’m talking to him and the next day he is dead. It feels like Eazy was the quickest person to ever die of AIDS. It raises alotta questions. It shocked me and I was hurt because that was my friend who taught me about the music business.

50:18 on the NWA Movie

“I haven’t seen some of them guys since then. I don’t even think that they know that I still exist. I have to link back up with them. I don’t even think I am in the movie. At the end of the day it is an NWA movie not an Eazy-E movie. If it was an Eazy-E movie I think I would be a big part of it.

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