Mr. Serv-On recalls Master-P’s transition in music from The Bay to New Orleans

Mr. Serv-On was one of Master P’s first artists to sign to No Limit after he made an impressive run in the Bay Area music scene and went back home to New Orleans. Serv-On was recently on the Murder Master Music Show where he recalled P’s transition in the music business from Richmond back to New Orleans.

“Around the time he was doing Down South Hustlers he brought us up and he made a transition. We were right there and we were playing our part and we respected who was out there. We caught the tail end of 99 Ways To Die going into Ice Cream Man and you can see the transition. Of course he had an origin before us but that was the beginning of that big swing and him moving home. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that anyone ran him out the Bay. I was there a year and a half! He was respectful and introduced us to E-40, B-Legit, and we met JT The Bigga Figga and when we met them with P it was always mutual respect. He was learning his hustle out there and he was teaching us that same hustle!”

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