Monstaville Music Release New Single “Th3y Say” I.L.A.M. feat. KFV

This Halloween, Monstaville Music is releasing a new collaborative track titled “They Say”, from the group I.L.A.M. (Independent Like A M#fuka), which consists of Playa Rae & Trey C. Joining them on the track is independent juggernaut and Mad Insanity recording artist Kung Fu Vampire. Both Playa Rae & KFV are natives of San Jose, CA and Trey C is from Sebastopol, CA. Production wise; Moonshyne of TSK (Tha Sav Krew) laid a dark melodic backdrop which paired perfectly with the emcee’s. It’s mixed by DJ O’keefe of The Blacksmiths and mastered by Justin Weis of Trakworx. If this is your first time hearing of the duo I.L.A.M., get familiar with these two as they have been touring non-stop and quickly building a name on the independent circuit.
Dedicated to those who’ve ever felt like an outcast, felt like you didn’t fit in…in life or in music for that matter…this song is for you. Music today is geared to radio by so many amazing artists because they are programmed with the need to fit in to sell records. Creativity has taken a huge loss because of it, but the underground is here to tell you that we are alive and well. And, yes….we will not change…no matter what they say.
Trey C “my whole life I been underestimated on this microphone / and under rated regardless of the stage I’m on / but I carried on and I put the long hours in / wasn’t concerned with how or when I’d make it all I knew is I wasn’t throwin the towel in…”
Playa Rae “okay, so I don’t fit into gangsta rap / and I’m too underground to do commercial rap plus lack a six pack / my shows are filled with hip hop heads and even juggalos / and those are the typa shows that none a you candy rappers will ever go…”
KFV “stop hatin and start sucken / debatin or start something / you betta think twice / no punk in me cause I’m nice / I’m bringin that weird sound from Worcester Mass to Beardstown / that wicked shit…Monstaville…can you hear now? / it’s year round…”

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