Moka Only Drops His Latest Project “Summer 2002 Vol. 1”

Moka Only Drops His Latest Project “Summer 2002 Vol. 1”. The project contains a total of 20 tracks. Peep The tracklist below for further details on the project. As well as the Bandcamp link provided for streaming purposes and purchase.


01. Let It Go!
02. The Very Life I Live
03. Hello, Everybody
04. Neva Talk About Shit, Yall
05. Keep Rockin On
06. Don’t Eff Around
07. Moka Only Late Nite Freestyle
08. Cool Beat
09. Total Control
10. Friday Come, Friday Go
11. The Pre Dig
12. Keep Diggin Em Out
13. All I’m Needing In The World
14. Make It Last
15. Show Ya Grattitude
16. Beatnicks
17. That’s How I Look At Myself
18. Over The Top Feelings
19. One Time Ya Don’t Stop
20. On My Way



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