Mitchy Slick on People Disrespecting San Diego, XXXtentacion Knockout & More


00:00 Intro
1:38 – People from LA and The Bay talking down on San Diego
5:54 – Growing up in the heart of the c*** era in San Diego, banging on Compton crips at lunchtime in middle school
11:40 – Mitchy took offense when certain people made jokes about San Diego dudes being soft on No Jumper
15:00 – AD apologies for his comments on San Diego dudes being soft
16:02 – Mitchy accepts AD’s apology and explains why he took such offense
20:04 – Less opportunity for music artists in San Diego. A million rappers from Daygo but nobody ever went platinum.
22:55 – Mitchy explains how the police run San Diego and how he became the first black person to be convicted under gang injunction
25:30 – Being embraced by LA since 1999. Connecting with Sir Jinx. Going to college
26:58 – AD explains doing a video shoot with YG and Mitchy when Mitchy pulled up with 100 people
32:47 – Being in the music game for 20+ years. First dropped in 2002. New album coming “Everybody Hates Mitch
38:18 – Rob Stone is probably the most successful artist to come out of San Diego.
39:35 – Mitchy apologizes for XXXTentacion being punched while on stage
43:06 – Sharp and Mitchy reminisce on doing their 1,2 in Vegas back in the 00s. Everything is more dumbed down these days
47:44 – AD proposes No Jumper does a San Diego show with all the popping artists from the city
58:35 – AD is going to have to follow through on his idea to throw a show in San Diego

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