Mistah F.A.B. Drops His Latest Album “Cuban Cigars & Rose Champagne”

Mistah F.A.B. continues his busy 2019 campaign with a new LP titled Cuban Cigars & Rose Champagne. The album is his fourth project of the year and the follow-up to July’s Hella Ratchet 2.

The Dope Era Boss latest project is comprised of 19 tracks. Guests include Rayven Justice, J. Stalin, Jane Handcock, Eric Bellinger and Jennifer Johns, among others. Peep The track List below for further details on the album

  1. Intro f. Shawn Williams
  2. The Era Way f. Rayven Justice
  3. I’m Blessed f. Tirzah
  4. Rose Moet
  5. Cheers f. Tizrah
  6. Catch That Vibe f. Jane Handcock
  7. Dope Era Dreams f. Jennifer Johns
  8. Lamborghini Uber
  9. First Class Selfies
  10. Jay and Bey
  11. On the Green f. Eric Bellinger
  12. Picture Perfect f. Sy Jones & TWO14
  13. Dream Life f. Brittany Tanner
  14. So Many People f. Sunny James
  15. God Ready
  16. Pitch Black
  17. Somebody Love Me
  18. Lnd f. Brittany Tanner
  19. You Can f. J. Stalin & Brittany Tanner

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