Migos & Sean Kingston Have Heated AltercationThat Ends In Gunfire


According to various reports online, it appears Migos & Sean Kingston got into a heated altercation Tuesday night at Las Vegas’ Agenda tradeshow that ended in gunfire.

TMZ reports that Migos & Kingston got into it over an argument involving Soulja Boy, and the ATL trio ended up beating up Sean badly, allegedly stomping on his head & kicking him. Police say someone from Sean’s crew pulled out a gun and fired a shot, but luckily no one was hit. That man has since been detained by security and turned over to the Vegas police..


By the time cops showed up, Migos & Sean fled the scene, but a short time later Sean was pulled over for a traffic violation and was “semi-co-operative,” refusing to say names in the fight however. Police say they’re wanting to speak with Migos, but they’re not “wanted” by the cops.


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