Mickey Diamond Most Introspective Interview! l From The Desk Of Lo

MICKEY DIAMOND FINALLY IS ON THE SHOW! Lo & Mickey didn’t waste anytime talking about his humbled beginnings when he started by Micky Blueeyes to Micky Blu & how he transited to Mickey Diamond, his knowledge of Wresting including a few of his favs, being a huge of Rock & Roll artists, being a producer & his first placements with BSF artist Duffel Bag hottie, producing with his wife the ultra talented Mallori Knox, why he chose the name Bangkok Dangerous (his breakout trilogy), Korean Films, his hardcore supporters. Wu Tang Clan, his love for trading cards, comics, toys & video games coming up & still till day Lo and Mickey are more alike than you know, catering to the nerds & the street fans very universal, his beginnings joining the Umbrella collective, his amazing introspective album No Liquor Before 12. How Gucci Ghost came together & being the first artist to released to Big Ghost albums back to back following Gucci Ghost 2, his work ethic & where he sees himself in 10 years, Oroku Saki, making his ideas come to fruition, Dragon Ball & Deathnote, Lloyd Banks co signing him, and having a special messages for his supporters at the end.


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