Miami’s Ajey glows up on “Fuck My Ex”

Ajey creates music that’s relatable for anybody going through the motions. On “Fuck My Ex,” the 22-year-old lays it down for the girls trying to come back after his successes. “You know when you start to glow up and your ex sees the progression and then tries to get back with you? That’s this song,” says Ajey. “Like, why are you trying to hit me up now?”
With a project titled Met Her Off the Gram coming up next Friday, Ajey is providing a soundtrack for both late nights and time spent alone. “This album is for anyone who has felt misunderstood or felt taken for granted, or heartbroken, as if they don’t have a voice. People have told me, ‘When I listen to your music, it’s like you’re telling me how I feel.'” Leading up to the project, Ajey released “Selfish” (630k streams), “Want You Back,” and “Regrets”.

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