Messy Marv – Thats A Sace Bag (Versace)

Messy Marv ,Thats A Sace Bag,Versace,Cash Lord Mess

Guess who’s back and pushing up like they left the B!TCH? Messy Marv “Cash Lord Mess” Is fresh out the penitentiary, on the streets and GOING UP for the San Francisco Bay Area with the new smash single “That’s A Sace Bag, To A Blimp” off the two new FREEEE double albums “Never Say Nothing You Want Played Back To You” Vol 1 & 2… trailing his most anticipated official street double lp release “Either You At The Table, Or On The Menu” releasing this Summer 2018!

“That Mac Dre That Crestside Yeah Rip Nigga.. And That J a c k a That Mob Figa” – Messy Marv (That’s A Sace Bag To A Blip)

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