Messy Marv Speaks On J-Diggs Beef, If He’s Banned, Bounce Out Situation Plus More

(Part 1) Rapshack Exclusive: @CoreyB2x Pulls Up On The Legendary West Coast Rapper (Messy Marv) In The Mist Of All The Controvrsy Surrounding His Beef With Bay Area Bossman (J-Diggs). Part 1 He Speaks On Pulling Up In The Crest, Has A Few Words For Any An EveryBody Speaking On It, Has Lil Rue Next To Him An Says”He Slidin For Lil Rue” Plus Awhole Lot More!!! Stay Tuned For Part #2 Dont Forget To Subscribe For All The Latest News,Interviews,An Videos.Follow On IG:@!Cashlormess @CoreyB2x @Rugar @Rapshack

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