Messy Marv On Being Back In The Bay, New Album, Signing w/ Berner & More | Siccness Exclusive

Bay Area rapper Messy Marv is a free man, he is also back home in San Francisco, California. We are also happy to report happy to report, As of now, no threats, nor physical harm has approached the recently incarcerated rap artist. His return has been well received with open arms, handshake, and hugs. All Love, No War.

Upon his arrival and meeting up with Taylor Gang Affiliate Berner, who is also a San Francisco City native, who has used his time and resources to bring the musical essence of San Fran back to its proper ports, docks and neighborhood blocks.   On Being Back In The Bay, New Album, Signing w/ Berner & More.

We caught up with the Doughfiend who was recently seen online counting 200k, in which rumors have already surfaced. Saying the monies is Marvin “Messy Marv” Watkins, and is payment for work on the next “Explosive Mode, starring San Quinn and Berner.” Although the exact details are sort of sketchy. We let Messy tell it how it exactly is. He talked about his return home, future plans, up and coming new albums and if he really signed with Berner or not.

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