Memphis Legend MJG Speaks on His Time At Bad Boy & More.

Prezident Bejda of the Murder Master Music Show on UGS Radio just did anEXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with MJG who is one half of the legendary Memphis duo Eightball & MJG. He spoke on many things including how Memphis Rap Pioneer Gangsta Pat was an inspiration and many other topics true M-Town fans would want to hear.
But at 40:39 into the interview when asked by the host if he had ever witnessed any homosexual activity by Puffy while signed to Bad Boy the laid back pimpish Memphis rapper had this to say
” I have not and If he was I am glad I didn’t see it. I’m glad I wasn’t put in that position. As far as I know and the times I was around him he was a cool guy.
Then MJG admits that he can’t tell you what happened with other artists on the label.
 “I don’t know what his relationship with other artists was like behind closed doors, and I never seen anybody mad like that on the surface. But as far as the time we were there he was cool and I didn’t see any homosexual activity.”
At around 56:30 when asked about Gangsta Pat’s influence on the Memphis Rap Scene MJG had this to say
“We were already known for being a music city but that was how rap was known for our city. We didn’t have to just be Blues,  Rock-N-Roll or Country. We had a Hiphop identity and that was like our rap baby. That was the birth of Hiphop in Memphis and this region with Gangsta Pat.”
At 57:30 MJG speaks on watching Gangsta Pat’s early studio sessions
“It was us just kind of watching him do his thing., We was really in line waiting for us to have our turn. It was exciting watching him do his thing to actually see it. It made it more true that this could really happen!”

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