Medhane Drops His Latest Project “Cold Water”

Medhane Drops His Latest Project “Cold Water”. the project contains a total of 15 tracks. It features guest appearances by keiyaA , Jadasea , Navy Blue. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the proect as well as the spotify link provided for streaming purposes.

  1. Off Tha Strength feat. keiyaA (prod. by Ohbliv)
  2. No Cap (prod. by Ohbliv)
  3. Late (prod. by AFB)
  4. All Facts (prod. by Playa Haze)
  5. New Drip (prod. by Alexander Spit)
  6. Live! (prod. by Chuck Strangers)
  7. TRS feat. Navy Blue (prod. by Navy Blue)
  8. Na Fr (prod. by Alexander Spit & Super Miles)
  9. Watch My Step feat. Jadasea (prod. by AFB)
  10. Truth & Soul (prod. by AFB)
  11. Full Hands feat. Maxo (prod. by Stoney Willis)
  12. I’m Deadass (prod. by Iblss)
  13. Don’t Fuck Around (prod. by Bori)
  14. Bun Down Babylon (prod. by Ohbliv)
  15. On Me/You (prod. by Bori)

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