Meagan Good Wants To Play Aaliyah

Actress Meagan Good has never hid the fact that she would love to play late R&B star Aaliyah in a biopic. In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Good explained why she feels Aaliyah’s music and persona still resonates with her and a host of other fans.

“What I hold closest to my heart is the way that she carried herself,” she says. “To me, I feel like the way that she was perceived—especially by Black folks—is that she was our Princess Diana. She was so classy.”

“There’s a way to be sexy…without giving you all of that,” she continues. “I’m not judging anybody else. Even her at 22 [years old] got that. Me at 22 [years old], I was still trying to figure it out. Her at 22, she possessed that wisdom and she just got it.”


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