MC Ren & Sir Jinx To Appear In New Documentary By Sharon Osbourne

In the recently released BBC4-produced documentary, Sharon Osbourne presents the story of pop deals through the decades. From Little Richard‘s half a cent a record to Robbie Williams‘s £80m deal via notorious bad deals for The Beatles, The Small Faces, The Animals and N.W.A and great deals for Led Zepplein, The Police and Moby, Sharon gets the inside story from those still chasing royalties and those who took on the music biz and won.

It is a wide ranging look at the history of deals and the way the music business has operated through the years.

From record deals, publishing deals, live shows, merchandising deals through to the modern 360 deal and surviving in the era of streaming; this is a comprehensive look at how the music business has worked from the pioneering days of early Rock n Roll, through the booming 70’s and 80’s up to the digital present.

It’s an authoritative and considered discussion of how the business has changed through the ages told by the people – on the artist’s side and the company’s side- who were there and lived through those deals.

Featuring appearances from The Small Faces, Eric Burdon, The Police, Moby, MC Ren, Charles Connor (Little Richard’s drummer), Art Rupe (aged 99, who signed Little Richard), Chris “The Glove” Taylor, Pamela Des Barres, Sir Jinx, Tim Clark (Robbie Williams’s manager) and more.


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