MC Ren Releases “Burn Radio Burn” ft. Redd Tha Arsonis (prod. E-A-Ski)

“Fuck these other DJ’s, scared to play the Villain…..”

The Villain in Black, MC Ren, returns with his latest release from the upcoming Rebel Muzik entitled “Burn Radio Burn”.  The Villain, once again, holds nothing back as he attacks mainstream radio for its failure to play real, good, authentic music; instead opting to play whoever pays despite what the music sounds like or represents.  Radio DJ’s are christened as “vultures” killing the hip-hop culture.

The track is once again produced by the almighty E-A-Ski, who produced “Rebel Music”, the first single from the project released earlier this year; and E-A-Ski is the Rebel Muzik album producer as well..

“Burn Radio Burn” features E-A-Ski protégé Redd Tha Arsonist on the hook.

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