Maryland Corrections Officer Indicted As Active Crips Gang Leader

Maryland State prosecutors have alleged that one of its corrections officers is an active Gang Leader of the Crip organization and has been indicted on 35 charges that include first-degree, and attempted murder, reported by The Washington Post.

“It’s a disgrace that gangs are operating in our prisons. It’s even worse where they’re abetted by folks who have taken an oath to uphold the law,” Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh said.

A year-long investigation into Maryland prison gangs focused on Antoine Fordham, whom authorities said had a double life in which he oversaw drugs deals and other illegal activities as a leader of the 8-Trey Crips in Baltimore City and managed a major contraband system in several Maryland correctional facilities. He supervised the movement of narcotics, tobacco and cellphones into state prisons, according to the indictment. Fordham also gave the approval and arranged for the rival Bloods gang members in prison to assault a former Crips member who is gay. The prison assailants stabbed the inmate more than 30 times. On the streets, Fordham zealously protected his gang’s drug business. He was with other Crips members who shot two men who ignored their warning not to sell drugs in their territory.


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