Marvaless Gives Her Thoughts About The Current Female Rappers Of Today

In 1992, a year after finishing high school, Marvaless got together with C-Bo to record her debut album, Ghetto Blues, through AWOL Records. Successive solo releases were Just Marvaless (1995), Wiccked (1996), Fearless (1998), and Ghetto Blues 2001 (2001). During this time, Maravless also made a series of guest appearances on records by acts including 2Pac, Conscious Daughters, Mac Mall, Master P, Mac Dre, and AWOL label mates Lunasicc and C-Bo. She also performed with artists including Ice Cube, Biggie Smalls, Do or Die, and Redman.

In 2003 she returned to the scene with Bonnie and Clyde, a collaboration album with Messy Marv, followed by another collaboration, 3 Da Hard Way, with The Jacka and Husalah of Mob Figaz in 2005. She followed with her next solo album Ready Made the same year. Her most recent album, Queen of The Mob, was released in 2010 and she is planning to release another solo album, Marva Jean, with Legasi Records. She also featured in the album “A Female Grind” by Thugg Miss in 2013.

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