Lupe Fiasco has revealed that his manager Charles “Chilly” Patton has been released from prison after 16 years behind bars.

On Tuesday afternoon (July 18), the Food & Liquor rapper took to Twitter to reveal that Patton had regained his freedom. “Chill Free,” he tweeted.

Plenty of followers took note of the jarring news regarding Chilly’s release and responded to Lupe. “Whatttty,” Sir Michael Rocks replied, while FakeShoreDrive‘s Andrew Barber wrote: “Yoooo…. say what, that’s great!”


According to HipHop-N-More, Charles “Chilly” Patton was sentenced to 44 years in prison on various drug charges in 2007. Patton was accused of running a heroin ring but he vehemently denied all of the charges against him.

As of press time, the Department of Corrections website rep


ortedly still lists Patton as behind bars with a projected release date coming in January 2030.

Back in 2013, Patton’s estranged wife, Inita Patton, sued Lupe Fiasco alleging that he hid millions of dollars to hurt her in the divorce proceedings from her kingpin husband. She claimed they moved over $9million around in various bank accounts so she couldn’t ask for the cash legally.

Patton, a confidant of JAY-Z, played an integral role in negotiating Lupe’s lucrative deal with Atlantic Records.


Lupe has rhymed about Chilly on numerous occasions while he was locked up, and even dedicated “Chilly’s Interlude” to his incarcerated manager on 2007’s The Cool.

“If we could break down those walls to set you free, we would/ ‘Cause we’re out here, and we miss you/ If we could build a ladder that tall to come up and see you, we would/ ‘Cause we’re down here, and we miss you,” Gemstones softly croons on the skit.

Calling for his freedom, Lupe shouted out Chilly later into the album on the Soundtrakk-produced “Paris, Tokyo.”“So let’s keep it real, all in together, ‘Free Chill’/ Tell the stewardess to throw a movie on the reel,” he raps.

Prior to the 44-year sentence, Chilly ran into legal troubles around 2005 and Lupe Fiasco welcomed him home with the Ma$e-sampling “Welcome Back Chilly,” which landed on his Fahrenheit 1/15: The Truth is Among Us debut.

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