Long Time Director Marty Thomas Says He Has Hours Of Unseen Footage Of Eazy E & Tupac

MTV VMA (Skee-Lo, I Wish) Award winning Director Marty Thomas was a guest on the Murder Master Music Show. Among other things he also directed alot of videos for Eazy-E and Ruthless Records including the classics Real Muthphukkin G’s, which he just released a new Director’s Cut with unseen Eazy footage, also Above the Law’s Call It What You Want with Tupac and Money B.

Marty dropped a bombshell during the interview stating that he has all of the original masters of many Ruthless videos with hours of unseen outtakes and behind the scenes footage of Eazy-E, Tupac,
Above the Law, MC Ren, and much more. The world has never seen all of this footage because  Ruthless  holds all the cards, so Marty cannot release the film until Ruthless agrees, so until then the fans
will have to wait.

Check out excerpts and a youtube clip below

When asked about the unreleased footage Marty had this to say

“We are having a tough time, here is all of this treasure that all of us would like to have out there and you could have unseen footage and cut it down to all of the coolest stuff and then see
Eazy-E, Above the Law, and KMG has passed away now!”

Also in the clip he says

“There behind the scenes, shots that were never used, shots of Tupac that were never used in Call it What You

Want, I got home videos, it’s all there locked in a vault but I can’t put anything out and
I can’t sell it.”

On Directing Tupac

During the shoot for Above the Law Tupac asked “What’s my attitude, am I hard here?” I said yeah just be yourself there is no character here this is just real. He wanted to here the vision of what I was doing. He wanted to pull out this giant huge gun and I asked him if we could do one with out the gun because MTV wont show the gun and he said “No I’m gonna show the gun, you told me to be myself, make up your mind!”

Someone threw away masters

What I heard from someone and I know it to be true, is alot of that footage was misplaced or thrown out, out of not understanding what those tapes were on their side, they don’t have it anymore! A couple
of years ago I got a call from somebody supposedly from Ruthless and they wanted the footage

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