London-Based Label, Def Pressé Releases New Single From “Blockhead” , Serious About My Fitness.

London-based label, Def Pressé are very pleased to announce their partnership with legendary Library Music label KPM. Def Pressé and friends, including names like Damu the Fudgemunk, Stro Elliot (The Roots), J-Live, Blockhead, Deca, Chris Dave and many more TBA have been given exclusive access to the KPM Library. These projects will take shape as two types of record. Def Pressé Editions/KPM Crate Diggers are works built around samples from KPM releases amongst other Library Music catalogues. Def Pressé Editions/KPM Originals are brand new pieces of music, free from samples. Both of these series’ include some very special guest vocalists and musicians as well as the Producers/Arrangers themselves. All of this music will be released by Def Pressé and placed into the vaults at KPM Library Music.

Blockhead presents his new album, Luminous Rubble. A true glance back across the KPM catalogue and an opportunity to enjoy the vast experience Blockhead has creating instrumental Hip-Hop. This is the fifth release in the KPM Crate Diggers series on Def Pressé, where artists are invited into a deep dive to choose samples from KPM’s iconic music and sound design library, sampled by Madlib, Prince Paul, MF DOOM, J Dilla, Gorillaz, and legions more. These new recordings will then be entered into library music use for media. And the Artists involved becoming KPM Artists for future generations to enjoy, and maybe sample.

The internationally renowned NYC producer Tony Simon—aka Blockhead—has released 15 albums over the past 15 years, including four acclaimed records for Ninja Tune and numerous production jobs including notable works with Aesop Rock. He is regarded as one of the modern masters of instrumental hip-hop and has more recently been releasing music on other platforms like Future Archive Recordings and Backwoodz Studios.


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