Littles, Insane Segall & Mac Hard “The Conglomeration” (Tracklist + Cover Art)

Thizz Nation’s recording artist Littles hooks up with InSane Segall of the 90’s gangsta rap group “Insane & D-Mack” and Mac Maid Records Mac Hard for the group album “The Conglomeration, featuring guest appearances from Gangsta D, Kucci Lee,The first lady of Thizz “MisStory & Robby Ice.

Now available for purchase on all digital retail outlets.



1. Its Good
2. What You Drinking
3. Getting Money
4. Anybody Can Get It
5. Always On Me
6. Turnt Up (feat. Robby Ice)
7. Now I Know (feat. MisStory)
8. Why She Love Me (feat. Kucci Lee)
9. So Much Pain
10. Ball Out
11. Function (feat. Kucci Lee)
12. Real Nigga (feat. Gangsta D)
13. Money Dance

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