Lil Yase & G-Val Go On A Bank Heist In “Blue Strips”

Running roughshod over a braggadocious mob instrumental, G-Val and Lil Yase craft an ode to cold hard cash on “Blue Strips,” their dramatic new video. Opening with a gorgeous aerial shot of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, “Blue Strips” catches the duo on the tail end of a successful bank heist, following them to their safehouse where they celebrate their victory by counting crisp Benjamins. The second video from What a Time to Grind 2, “Blue Strips” follows the sketch-animated video for “Bozo.”

While G-Val’ and Lil Yase hail from different neighborhoods that have some long-running beef, the two rappers’ collaborations bridge the divide with their no-nonsense anthems. “Me and Lil Yase did What A Time To Grind 2 because something like this has never happened before… where someone from the Sunnydale area and another from Hunters Point area of San Francisco created a project together,” explains G-Val. “If you from San Francisco, you know that history; Before, those two sides of the city didn’t get along for a long time. We changing things. We really just giving back to the fans because they truly believe in us. Right now, we putting on for the whole city and what we stand for… so, what a time to grind!”

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