Lil Wyte speaks on the loss of Da Mafia 6ix’s Lord Infamous

Memphis Rapper Lil Wyte was recently on the Murder Master Music Show where he was asked about the death of Lord Infamous. Sounding like he was choking back some tears he said some of the realest shit about his homie.

Right around 1:03:50 into the show Wyte was asked how he was coping with the loss of Lord Infamous

“It’s funny that you say still coping because the last thing that I did before I called yall was watch the “Remember” video. I didn’t even watch my part I just watched Lord’s part. Lord’s passing was a very unexpected event. We just finished up Da Mafia 6ix project, and I was on it and I was able to work with Lord and it was so magical in the studio!”

“Nobody saw that coming because everything was too good to be true and 3 weeks later Lord Passes! Whats so crazy about Da Mafia 6ix project is they were suppose to be working on the next Lord Infamous project, and he said

 “Naw, I would love to put the whole crew back together and do one last album!” He sacrificed his own album to put that Da Mafia 6ix album out! It was an honor to know dude, it was an honor to pop pills with that dude, to smoke weed with that dude, and do drugs with him. I grew up off Three 6 Mafia and one of the sickest songs I have ever heard was “Where is Da Bud?” so to be able to party with Lord Infamous for the last 12 or 13 years and to get to know him and actually call him one of my brothers. I actually called him Uncle Lord, I never called him one of my bros ebcause he was like my uncle. It hit the whole click really hard!”

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