Lil Soulja Slim Talks About His Dad’s Legacy, Getting Game From C-Murder, B.G. & Juvenile, New Music

Lil Soulja Slim “Off The Porch” Interview Last week we caught up with Lil Soulja Slim for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our sit-down he talked about what he’s been up to during the quarantine, life in Uptown New Orleans, jumping off the porch, getting the game from C-Murder, B.G. & Juvenile, not being able to visit C-Murder & Mac because of his legal troubles, his dad Soulja Slim getting killed when he was 8 years old, shares some of his favorite memories of his father, his father’s legacy in New Orleans, reveals if he feels pressure to live up to his father’s rap legacy, the music industry looking over the music scene in New Orleans, starting the online music platform Newtral Groundz, his recording studio in New Orleans getting raided, his close relationship with Juvenile’s son Young Juve & B.G.’s son T.Y., the upcoming Ghetto Children project, his new EP “Returning From The Darkside”, not trying to sound his like father, working with Hot Boy Turk & Trennity, his next project “Streets Cold 2”, his label Cut Throat To Da Bone, being a father and much more!

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