LIL ROB Talks Got Shot In Face! How He Met LPG! Long Hair! Doing Tattoos On Homeboys & More

Chicano Rap Legend Roberto Flores AKA Lil Rob AKA “Mr. 1218” From San Diego California Exclusive Sit Down Interview With Chicago Street TV 2019 In This Interview Lil Rob First Time Publicity Talks About The Story Of How & Why He Got Shot In The Mouth. Also Talks About How He Met Low Profile Records And If He Still Keeps In Contact With Them. I Ask Rob A Series Of Questions Including Why He Let His Hair Grow & Why He Went Back To Being Bald, His Answer Is Surprising. He Continues Talking About His Rap Career From The Past And So Much More *Questions In Timeline* 0:30 “How & Where Have You Been?” 1:45 “How Was Life Before Summer Nights?” 2:45 “Can You Describe How You Got Shot In The Face?” 4:05 “How Did You Get Summer Nights Radio Play?” 4:50 “How Did Summer Nights Change Your Life?” 5:50 “What Was Your First Tattoo & How Older Were You?” 7:10 “How Did You Meet Low Profile Records?” 7:30 “Did You Still Keep In Contact With Any Of The Members From LPG?” 8:25 “Thoughts On Chicago?” 9:00 “Reason Why You Let Your Hair Grow, Then Cut It Bald Again?” 11:15 “Thoughts On Today’s Rap & Hip-Hop?” 11:50 Thoughts On 6ix9ine ?” 12:30 “Thoughts On Manny Machado Signing With The San Diego Padres ?” 13:05 “Any Upcoming Projects?” 14:05 Social Media

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