Lil Durk Co-Signed Yung Tory Drops Fiery Free Dope 2 Mixtape

Yung Tory Free Dope 2 Mixtape

Effortlessly croaking memorable hooks, 21-year-old Yung Tory shares Free Dope 2, his second quality mixtape of 2017. Yung Tory is a singular voice in trap music, approaching heady-yet-energetic instrumentals from odd angles, finding hummable hooks in every nook and cranny of the beats. “I used to drop songs every Tuesday and it was dope so I called it Free Dope,” explains Yung Tory. “Compared to the first tape, the project has more of a melodic vibe. You can expect turn-up music, you can expect trap music, it’s all mix of all types. Mostly I want to go for a rock-star vibe. I got a taste of the good life and I want more.”

Born and raised in Toronto, with a six-year pitstop as a toddler in ATL, Yung Tory combines the rap and rasta lifestyles. A vegan since birth, Yung Tory is a committed Rastafarian, strictly obeying his religious diet and imbuing his life and music with the religion’s spiritual tradition. “I’m about positive vibes only,” says Tory. “I took negativity and I turned it into positivity. It’s a way of life.”


Yung Tory Free Dope 2 Mixtape


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