Lil B TheBased God Releases Diss Track Aimed At Pro Era’s Joey Bada$$, Cleverly Titled “I’m The Bada$$”

Lil B takes shots at Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew on his diss track dubbed ‘I’m The Bada$$.’

Last year, the late Capital STEEZ took shots at Lil B on the Joey Bada$$ single ‘Survival Tactics. The project was featured on Joey’s critically acclaimed ’1999? mixtape.

“They say hard work pays off, well tell the based god don’t quit his day job,” Capital STEEZ rapped over the track.

We didn’t think Lil B would ever issue response, but it looks like he was just patiently waiting to get his redemption on his latest track ‘I’m The Bada$$.’

The single shocked hip hop fans, and whether you like Lil B or not, it’s not a good look for The Based God to go up against Joey Bada$$ in a lyrical competition because it won’t end well.

Right after Lil B released the track, Joey Bada$$ took to Twitter to vent his thoughts on Lil B, and just hours later he responded with his own diss track dubbed ‘Don’t Quit Your Day Job.‘

Listen to Lil B’s “I’m The Bada$$’ below.

Listen to Joey Badass’ diss track ‘Don’t Quit Your Day Job’ below.

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