Lil B Drops His Latest Project of 2018 A Double Album Entitled “Platinum Flame”



For months Berkeley, CA  rap artist Lil B has been teasing the release of his album “Platinum Flame”.  through Lil B’s own Basedworld Records, Platinum Flame is billed as a “DOULBE DISC 28 SONG EXTREMELY RARE LIL B ART COLLECTABLE.”  Contaning a total of 28 songs this album serves as a follow up to 2010 Blue Fame. Peep The tracklist below for further details on the album as well as the spotify link & Itunes link for streaming and purchase respectfully.

Lil B’s Platinum Fame Tracklist

1. “Made Man Skit”
2. “Made Man”
3. “Extras”
4. “Big Dawg”
5. “Billionare”
6. “Still Going”
7. “Shake It Like a Ho”
8. “Fake”
9. “Girl”
10. “Do the BasedGod”
11. “Stripper Pole”
12. “Platinum Flame Headquarters”
13. “Get High”
14. “Swag 4X”
15. “Love Me”
16. “Game Don’t Change”
17. “Can’t Go Back”
18. “Riding Skating Rolling Painting”
19. “Spend Money”
20. “Bay Area Based Freestyle”
21. “Project”
22. “Bitch Mob Vet”
23. “Net Worth”
24. “Lets Get ’em”
25. “Red Bull”
26. “Richmond Girl”
27. “P Flame Shoutouts”
28. “Lets Meet Outro”


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