Les Vegas – H.D.A.B.G. (Cover Art + Tracklist)

Once you realize what the album title acronym means you know your about to hear some Real Street Music. Take a ride with the Fresno, California native as he turns a bunch of corners and backstreets that some are too scared to travel. The album “Hard Dick And Bubble Gum”, Les Vegas 4th studio album has appearances from Aplus Tha Kid, Reece Loc, Macs-a-Million, Waz and 99 North (Diego Redd & Shake Da Mayor). Official release May 20th, but is also available for pre-order via ITunes CD Baby


1. It’s Nothin’
2. All Day (feat. Waz)
3. Feelin’ Like Pac
4. No Mercy (feat. Aplus Tha Kid)
5. She Ready (feat. Dengee)
6. Go Get It
7. Tonight Its On (feat. 99 North & G-Baby)
8. They Out Here (feat. Dee Lee)
9. Never Been Fake (feat. Reece Loc & Macs-a-Million)
10. Gangstas Don’t Dance
11. Pimp Fees (feat. B-Dot)
12. Chop It Up (feat. Macish 1hunid)
13. The Best Trees
14. Up in Smoke
15. That Girl (feat. Cakemixx & Booby Smoov)
16. Two Fingers Spreaded
17. The Fallen (feat. Cakemixx & Big Deville)
18. Happy (feat. Rap Star Falcon & G-Baby)


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