Legendary West Coast Artist Kokane Goes In On N.W.A Filmakers

After his recent EAZY-E BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE CONCERT performance in Santa Ana, California, veteran West Coast MC KOKANE express his concerns in regards to the upcoming N.W.A. movie saying himself and other Ruthless Records affiliates were a huge part of Eazy-E’s legacy and will most certainly not be documented in the movie and get overshadowed by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.  Kokane expressed “I wrote Eazy-E’s part on Appetite For Destruction as well was on the intro for Niggaz 4 Life along with Above The Law,” as seen quoted in his Tweet below:

  1. Me/AboveTheLaw was on Niggaz4life album.I wrote eazy pt on”Appetite4destruction”dats FOUL @drdre if u rewrite history leav’n Us out datMovie

Kokane also express how his cousin and Ruthless Records label mate BIG HUTCH, A.K.A. COLD 187UM, formerly from the group Above The Law, helped produced scores of music at Ruthless that Dr. Dre has taking credit for.  Kokane explains, “Dr. Dre took the credit for producing Above The Law’s Living Like Hustlers album, the first and one of Above The Law’s best selling and classic albums, when it was Big Hutch that produced that album.  But nobody will ever know that unless we, who was there at that time, speak on it”  Big Hutch, not to long ago, attempted to sue Dr. Dre, along with EVE and Interscope Records, for money he claims was due him for producing EVE’s “LOVE IS BLIND” hit single that catapulted her career.
“The N.W.A. movie is basically going to be a movie regarding the homie Eazy-E, Ice Cub, and Dr. Dre.  I would think you have to include MC Ren and DJ Yella, but I believe it’s not going to go any further than that,” explains Kokane.  Kokane continues, “Above The Law, myself, and many other Ruthless Records artists during that time stayed loyal to Eazy-E up to the day he died.  We didn’t desert Eazy-E and Ruthless after the first album, Straight Outta Compton, like Ice Cube did or bounce after the Niggaz 4 Life album like Dr. Dre did for Death Row. That needs to be included in the movie.  We need to be included in the movie.  You can’t rewrite history.”
Since the passing of Eazy-E Kokane has been remaining active releasing his own independent albums and featuring on countless records with everybody in the urban music industry from Snoop Dogg and P. Diddy.  He currently just release his single “STAY WINNING” and MUSIC VIDEO from his upcoming album release “SHUT DA F UP & CUT DA CHECC” with features from Busta Rhymes, B-Legit, Richie Rich, Kurupt & Daz (DPG), Cold 187, Tha Chill (CMW), and many others off his own imprint Bud-E-Boy Entertainment.  Album is slated for January 10, 2014.

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