Lee Majors – Max Julien (Cover Art + Tracklist)

Oakland representative Lee Majors is back with yet another iTunes release called “Max Julien”. It is made of 10 songs (+5 skits) and features guest appearances by Fam Syrk, Jay Luck, Jessica Rabbit and Nutricious.

01. Intro (skit)
02. Do We Have a Chance f. Fam Syrk
03. She’s Curious f. Jay Luck
04. Caught In the Act (skit)
05. Freaky Tales
06. Heart of the City
07. If U Want It
08. Going Out (skit)
09. U & I
10. Tell Me f. Jessica Rabbit
11. Checking My Game (skit)
12. Keep It Solid f. Nutricious
13. Closer f. Fam Syrk
14. U Remind Me
15. Outro (skit)

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