LA Locals Blast ‘White’ Hip-Hop Fans For Turning Downtown Compton Into “Tourist Attraction”


  • The city was made famous after seminal 1988 album by gangster rappers N.W.A 
  • Rapper Dr. Dre later used its name for the title of his critically-acclaimed 2015 LP
  • Now, the working-class spot has seen a spike in numbers from keen hip-hop fans
  • But locals have scolded caucasian visitors for treating it ‘like a tourist attraction’

To most mainstream tourists, it’s an unlikely destination point.

But, for others, the small Los Angeles city of Compton has become a must-see attraction – especially if they happen to be hip-hop fans. But it’s not going down well with locals, with tourists being told to stay away on Twitter.

The urban hotspot has transformed into a cultural landmark thanks to the likes of Dr Dre, The Game and Kendrick Lamar.

Around the same time Dr. Dre titled his acclaimed album after the city.

Now, as a result, hundreds of music-lovers have flocked to the downtown municipal in a bid to glimpse the streets that inspired their idols.

However, in an age of ever-worsening US race relations, their well-meaning tourism clearly isn’t welcome.


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