Kris J Releases The Anticipated New Project “How Much For The Quarter”

Kris J releases the anticipated follow-up to The A.R.T. Project, with his new project  How Much For The Quarter.  

The project offers listeners a full range of sound with heavy hitters like”Scotty”, something you can smoke to with tracks “Possible” and “Grams Gone” ,along with something you can ride to with”Wake Up” and “6 Swishers.”

How Much For The Quarter features a single guest appearance by fellow emcee TEZ, and production from Natural DisasterKangaroo and in-house producer Ithinkwegotit.

How Much For The Quarter  Tack List 

1: “P.O.T.” (prod. by Avery McRae)

2: “Possible” (prod. by Kangaroo)

3: “Scotty” (prod. by Avery McRae)

4: “Sho ‘Nuff” (prod. by Natural Disaster)

5: “6 Swishers” (prod. by Avery McRae)

6: “Wake Up” feat. Tez (prod. by Avery McRae)

7: “Grams Gone” (prod. by Avery McRae)



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