Kreayshawn Tour Bus Bursts Into Flames

Pop-rapper Kreayshawn was involved in a tour bus fire this weekend that thankfully didn’t result in any casualties. Kreay lost some clothing and was able to hop on another bus with Honey Cocaine and Rye Rye. Kreay gave fans updates as the situation unfolded.

“WTF THE TOUR BUS IS ON FIRE!!!! This is f*cked up!!! how?!???!!,” Kreay tweeted. “WE ALIVE BUT HOW IS OUR BUS IS ON FIRE????!!!!”

“Whyyyyyyy all my clothes are f*cked,” she shared later. “The generator exploded though.”

“Don’t hate on my look tonight. All my clothes was burnt up,” she added.

Kreay tweeted the following day, “RIP to the tour bus…”

“My heart really goes out to people who have lost their homes to fires after today,” she said. “Even though it was just the tour bus. I can only imagine.”


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