Kevin Gates and Boosie BadAzz Entourages fight on the stage in Kentucky

Baton Rouge rappers Kevin Gates and Boosie BadAzz were both scheduled to perform at the same show in Louisville, KY. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until shortly after Gates got off stage, when the entourages of both rappers suddenly got into a brawl. You can see footage above and below.

There’s been some longstanding tension between these two going back a couple years. They were cool at one point, but when an affiliate of Gates named Nussie was murdered back in 2009, one man claimed it was Boosie who ordered the hit. The rapper born Terrence Hatch was found innocent in 2012.

Gates and Boosie also share a common comrade behind bars – Lee Lucas. They’ve both name-dropped him in songs before, and Gates recently visited Lucas in Angola, a.k.a. Louisiana State Penitentiary. Some believe that despite the tension between them, Kevin and Boosie have stayed amicable partly due to their shared, incarcerated friend.

They’re also on the same label (Atlantic), which only adds suspense to the situation.

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