Kendrick Lamar Discusses Influence Of Kurupt, Tupac And Ice Cube On His Music

Kendrick Lamar indicated his respect for 90s era West Coast rap and explained that he can’t escape the melodic feel of the region. Lamarspoke about the rapper’s that have had the most influence on his style and named Kurupt, Tupac and Ice Cube.

Lamar explained that he’s mostly been influence by the West Coast rappers who preceded him. “I’m probably more West Coast influenced. A little bit Kurupt, ‘Pac, and some content of [Ice] Cube…I think it’s really just the West Coast influence, truthfully. I come up under Dre and under Snoop. Just listening to them over the years, it’s really just that melodic feel that I could never escape,” Lamar told the Ricky Smiley Morning Show.

Kendrick also explained that he thinks Tupac would appreciate Lamar emulating his music. “I think he would thank me for keeping just the legacy alive of speaking on something that’s real – not only to him, but to what I feel that everybody needs to be listening to,” said Lamar.

Lamar added that the reception of ‘good kid, M.A.A.D. City’ didn’t put him under any added pressure to produce his next record, and he says that he’s challenged himself to match the project. “More exciting. I’m just taking it. There were trying to put their pressure on me before this album came out, and you know I delivered with that. So it’s really just about me trying to challenge myself every day,” said Lamar

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