KCMO Pioneer Big Court drops new project and speaks on learning from Master P

Longtime No Limit affiliate and Master-P friend Big court reflects on his years with the tank!


While promoting his new project Boomerang on the Murder Master Music Show the KCMO early Pioneer reflected about his years knowing his longtime friend Master P. He spoke about his relentless grind and what he learned from one of the most successful Rap Moguls to ever do it!

“I’m probably one of the only non-family members who have been around P this long. I have been around P for 22 years. Of course you learn and pick up game, you would be a fool not to. The biggest thing is work ethic, P works tirelessly. He gets up early, he don’t sleep in and he is the first one to go at it and the last one to go home. He will have confidence in every situation, he understands what he is trying to accomplish. He goes into things with utter confidence! Naturally I implement that with all areas of my life.”

Check out the audio here https://youtu.be/FSihBtQoKNY

Also during the clip Court recalls a funny moment from back in the 90s while on the basketball court that involved the two getting in a fist fight

“Me and P are friends! When it comes to anything business wise that shit is as simple as your friend saying “Hey, can you help me for a minute and move this couch?” It’s a family! We fight! Me and P actually fought before, we had fist fights! This was back in the 90s, he was trying to bully me and push me around on some basketball shit. P is big bro and he was trying to test me a little bit and I took off on him. He mighta handled me a little bit but it was still in love. That’s my brother, my friend!”

The full interview airs Monday June 4th 6pm CST at www.ugs4life.com 

By Prezident Bejda

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