Kat Stacks Thanks Friends & Family

Notorious supergroupie Kat Stacks was released from jail in December after being incarcerated for the better part of two years. Kat faced deportation and in an interview with Vlad TV, she explained exactly how she wound up behind bars.

“Well, I went to do an event in Nashville and when I went to the airport, they said they couldn’t verify my passport, which is crazy because that’s the same passport I used to get from Miami to Nashville for the event and immigration picked me up on a deportation warrant that I had because they didn’t notify me or the lawyer that they had changed my court date to about two days earlier,” she explained. “To reopen my case, it takes about 30 days and during those 30 days, before it got reopened is when I got caught up.”

“Two years. Horrible,” she continued. “If it wasn’t for my family and if it wasn’t for Q of World Star for supporting me and my fans sending letters and money to eat when others wouldn’t, I don’t think I would have survived. I think when I go to visitation and I see my son behind a bulletproof wall, I think that’s the worst feeling.”


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